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Baron Customer Testimonials
"On a daily basis, Baron picks up medical specimens submitted to our labs for extensive testing… each assignment is done with simplicity, with the final result being exceptional. Genzyme has used Baron for nearly 10 years… they know the day to day operation and bring tranquility to each experience."
Duanne Guilliod
Logistics Supervisor
Genzyme Genetics

For the past several years, Baron has been delivering hospice medications from pharmacy to patient throughout South Florida. "They are exemplary… Baron is reliable, available, affordable and dedicated. That's the best way to sum it up! They have compassion and concern that the patients get their medication, and they go out of their way. I've seen them run the gamut of every variable in getting a package couriered to a patient, and they do it ever so professionally."
John Schiavo
Clinical Pharmacist

"Baron performs a critical function for us. There's a patient attached to every medical sample of blood, serum plasma or spinal fluid so they have to know what they're doing and be able to package correctly, maintain temperature stability and ship to us as quickly and as properly as possible. They've done a wonderful job indicated by the 10+ years that we've been contracting with them."
David Meyer
Transportation Specialist
Mayo Medical

"I have known the owners of Baron: Lori and Larry for many years. Choice Logistics is both a customer of Baron's and fellow member of the Messenger Courier Association of the Americas (MCAA) and the Express Carriers Association (ECA). They are very straightforward, honest and personable people. We do business with them in South Florida and the service we receive is excellent! Lori and Larry are very proud of the business they have built, and they should be."
Michael Katz
Choice Logistics

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